SIFF 2018

The Seventh Annual Sudden Impulse Film Festival

The 7th Annual Sudden Impulse Film Festival will be a night of funny and weird local Toronto and GTA short films. The night begins at 8pm outside the Revue Cinema Live on the Red Carpet with Caleigh Le Grand, doors open at 8:30pm and the show starts at 9pm with a live performance number by host Stefan Kuchar. The night consists of three 45 minute acts of short films and live music will be played during two intermissions by a band made entirely of local filmmakers called Slowfish.

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The Twist by Terris Taylor, Safety Zoo

Yum by Nicholas Facchini & Evan Arbic

Milk by Winnifred Jong

French Off the Boat – Ep1: Injection by Stefan Kuchar, Iris Gardet-Hadengue& Quitterie Hervouet

Guy Bangs by Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll

Coat check – Ep1: Bottles by Mike Mildon

What’s Your Talent by El Quango

Foraldraskap by Mazi Khalighi & Brian Allan Stewart

Ride the Market by Ace Billet

Devil Mountain by Brian Herzog, ConstructiveComedy

The Curious Coma & Based on a True Story by Safety Zoo

Van Seats Eight by Todd Doldersum


Drippin’ by Courtney Bruneau, CABruneau Productions

Erin’s Guide to Kissing Girls by Julianna Notten

Party Favors by Safety Zoo

Best Home Security System by El Quango

Hillbilly Camping by Brian Herzog, ConstructiveComedy

French Off the Boat – Ep2: Procedure by Stefan Kuchar, Iris Gardet-Hadengue & Quitterie Hervouet

Snapchat Kidnap by Mike Mildon

Ultimate Hacker by El Quango

I Lost My Mind by Michael Tobin


Franchise by Ace Billet

Antithesis by Megan Toompuu & John Petti

Midnight Toker by Bea Macapagal & Nick Coffin

The Windmill Man by El Quango

GAS by Nicholas Facchini & Evan Arbic

6 Feet Under by Mike Mildon

Mann by Kyle Sawyer, Ryan West & Paul Duck

Being Andy Serkis by Dan Galea

Encore! by Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll