SIFF 2019

Saturday Sept 21st 9pm @ The Revue Cinema, Tickets @
Dracula is Still a Threat – Little Olive Best Buds, One Giant Leap, Spider-man Homecoming
Trophy Husbands – Super Intense Office Scene, Tik Tok Ruined My Life
ConstructiveComedy – Rap Review Gamers Chair, The Dancing Studio
Whale Pranks – A Couch Named Desire
Identical Twins Productions – ManneCan You Feel the Love Tonight
Amy Force – Cosmic Bang
El Quango – GQ Pro Movie Extra Service Inc., The 4 Essential Online Dating Profile Pics, Germs
Liz Taylor – Marital Aids
Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll – Shitburger, Moan Stock Dot Com
CR Extraordinaire  – Overtime
Kyle Reaume – Battle Cry 
Braden Sitter Sr. – Dirty Dogs Get The Hose
Emily Jenkins & Justin Black – Terminally in Love
Blind Luck Pictures – Practice Makes 
Dan Galea & Dan Tahmizian – The Séance
Brian Kennington – The Film Festival
Submit your short films to before the end of August for a chance to be screened at the 8th Annual Sudden Impulse Film Festival Sept 21st at the Revue Cinema. Submissions are free, nothing over 20 minutes, no no drama, no no no no drama.

Rumors are spreading like wild fire about the 8th Annual Sudden Impulse Film Festival. This video is designed to put out those fires with wet truth facts. SIFF hasn’t been cancelled, it’s simply moving to the Fall, with short film submissions due by the end of August.

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